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"First on the scene," American Towman Magazine (AT) has been the premier towing magazine spanning five decades since 1977. As the industry leader, AT’s circulation of 40,000 tow business owners is guaranteed by BPA (Business Publications Audit), the gold standard of business-to-business magazine, auditing organizations. American Towman is the only BPA audited towing publication and its readership is the largest and most powerful in this industry.

Known for its "hard-news" approach, AT's impact and popularity is evident each year at the world's largest tow show, the American Towman Exposition in Baltimore, MD, founded and produced by the magazine. Over 14,000 tow business owners come to Baltimore each year, many of them participating in the industry’s largest educational venue, the American Towman Academy.

Based on a recent survey of over 1,000 random readers, American Towman was selected as the number one magazine delivering the "most value."

Keeping the industry informed and educated through its pages in print monthly and on the Internet weekly, AT connects with tow business owners through its dedicated and creative coverage of the towing industry. The American Towman Medal, honoring the heroic acts of towmen on the roadways, and the Towman Monument, the world's first Monument to the towman, are industry icons – symbols of the magazine's place in the hearts and minds of its readers.

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