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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingMarch 20 - March 26, 2019

Glimmers of Hope

0 343f8By George L. Nitti

As we're in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, many tow companies have contributed support by dedicating tow trucks to the cause.

At George's Custom in Whiteford, Maryland, the company has done its part to raise awareness, dedicating its 2015 Dodge 5500/Century 312 snatch truck to the cause.

"George's grandmother had breast cancer," said general manager Alisha Gibbons. "We wanted to do something to bring awareness to it; but not just breast cancer—to all cancer."

His grandmother is memorialized on the passenger door, "In Loving Memory of Mary B. Glackin."

The custom-painted design, done by Jack of Arts of Ellicott, is stunning.

On the hood, there are storm clouds that sit behind a pink ribbon with rays of sunshine bursting out in all directions.

Gibbons, who spearheaded the project, said, "It's amazing, when you go through such turmoil and darkness, that there can be light at the end. There is hope. That's what the hood represents."

Another design feature is on the side of the unit, where racing stripes are airbrushed.

"We do a lot with NASCAR racing," Gibbons said, "taking the truck to the Baltimore Grand Prix and other events."

Just on top of the racing stripes is the company name. It's named after company owner George Feilinger, who has been in business for over 32 years.

On the top of the unit, the company name is also written creatively with the pink ribbon prominently displayed.

"When the cameras are going around the track," Gibbons said, "we want people to see it from all directions, including the top."

The unit stands out, equipped with the many lights that are positioned from the top silver roll bar, down the side and along the bottom side of the unit.

"It looks like a rolling circus at night," Gibbons said. "People laugh at us. But the best thing I love about it is that it draws a lot of attention and raises people's spirits. It gets people to tell us their stories."

Doing their part, every year the company donates a percentage of what the truck makes, sending contributions to local cancer organizations. Thus, it's keeping hope alive in pulling for the cure.

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