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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingAugust 23 - August 29, 2017

Wrapped F-450s Highlight Causes

n7-tremont173 3df5dBy GEORGE L. NITTI

Over the last couple of years, Tremont Towing, located in Miami Beach, Fla., has dedicated several of their new Ford F-450/Dynamic tow trucks to one cause or another.

Managing partner Manny Diaz decided upon this direction partly because of his own personal experiences. One of those is a family history with cancer.

"My mother is a cancer survivor," Diaz said. "Two years ago she had both her breasts removed. Other members of our company have also been hit with it."

Their 2015 F-450/Dynamic is easily identified by its pink wrapping and breast cancer awareness ribbons. On the hood of the truck, "Breast Cancer Awareness" is written in all white inside a large pink ribbon.

"Our breast-cancer truck is a diesel truck, which is much better on gas and is capable of moving heavier loads. It's a little louder though as the gas trucks are quiet and perfect for working the alleyways of Miami, where we do a lot of maneuvering," Diaz said.
Two other F450s are a year older the same, except they are gas vehicles. One of those is dedicated to the "Thin Blue Line" for police officers killed in the line of duty.

"We did this truck for the fallen officers of Miami Beach, like Miami Beach police officer Scott Rakow who was killed in 1988," Diaz said. "Growing up on the beach like I did, you either become a cop or a firefighter. Many of my close personal friends are in law enforcement and they are good people. So it made sense to dedicate a truck to this cause."

The truck is all black with a thin blue line on both sides.

The other is a military tribute truck, and like the others was wrapped by Metrowrapz with Diaz's input. On the hood are four fighter jet planes; and on the side there's a female veteran looking outward in full military salute and the seal of the U.S. Navy.
"We believe in supporting our troops," Diaz said. "This touches home for everyone here, especially on Veteran's Day where we entered our trucks in the Miami Beach Veteran's Parade and got a nice response."

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'The Beast'

0 be873George L. Nitti

Coming up with a strong company name to help brand it is key when establishing a business. For Margie Linville, co-owner of Revelation Diesel Repair & Towing in Rosner, N.M., their company name was changed in 2013 in part because of her connection to the Book of Revelation in the Bible.

"The Book of Revelation," said Linville, "shows the ending of all the pain and suffering in the world and the beginning of what we can't begin to imagine. As a tow company, you meet a lot of distressed people. They look to you for help. We even have a place for people to stay on our lot. With some of our customers, you form a bond."

The company name is written large, spanning across the flame-themed unit of their black 2005 Peterbilt 387/50-ton Bro Wrecker.

"It's the first wheel lift assembly on a heavy duty," said Joe, Margie's husband. "We've been told there were only 10 made. We operate it each and every day without ever a problem. It was made by a man named Hans from Sweden who now lives in Florida."

The flames are another standout feature, covering the unit and helping to add to the Revelation theme. Although some find it suggestive of hell and damnation, Margie said that was not the intention.

"I love flames," she said. "They are very catchy. Flames are about purification. Gold is heated at extremely high temperatures to bring out impurities. In God's sight we are all gold nuggets being purified."

The extended cab adds distinction; on the front end of the unit is its name, "The Beast."

Linville said, "The Beast is biblical in that it is representative of power and destruction. That power is subservient to the One in control, God, who is greater."

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