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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingJune 21 - June 27, 2017

Tribute to the Movies

Editor’s note: With Hollywood’s “Summer Blockbuster” season in full swing, we thought it’d be fun to take a look back at a movie-themed Illustrated article that appeared here awhile back. Enjoy.

Though it started out as a novelty more than 100 years ago, cinema has become a major industry and cultural playground. Characters, actors, locations and everything about the silver screen quickly found its way into the mainstream of life. From lunch boxes to Halloween costumes and tennis shoes to toys, film icons began to pop up everywhere. Movie stars became heroes and fans just couldn’t get enough.

It was pre-destined that tow trucks and wreckers would become popular proponents of movie magic. Consider Pixar’s 2006 animation hit, Cars. One of the main characters was a rustic old tow truck named “Mater,” voiced by Larry the Cable Guy.

Within weeks of release, Mater’s grille was plastered everywhere on the planet in the culmination of a marketing dream. The adoring public couldn’t get enough of the little tow truck that could.

Check out this Kenworth tandem-axel heavy-duty truck with Mater as the central theme. The airbrush artist nailed this comical character, hook, chain and thinker. From fender to fender, the theme around the little rusty truck is second to none. The flames are first rate and the gloss black background provides the perfect anchor to the illustration.

Another tow truck coming out of the movies is the homage to Batman’s “Joker.” The artist captured the essence of the villain and at the same time paid tribute to actor Heath Ledger who brought the character to life in the 2008 film, The Dark Night.

From Marilyn Monroe to The Incredible Hulk, movie maidens and monsters can become the centerpiece of any wrecker’s wrappings. And that’s a wrap on this week’s Tow Illustrated installment. Cut. Print.

Spreading Sunshine

0 7c742By George L. Nitti

With temperatures climbing up to 120 degrees in Palm Springs, Calif., during the summer months, it was a no-brainer for Jesse Mojica, owner of Mohica Towing, to brand his company with a large image of the sun.

"About nine months out of the year, it is sunny in Palm Springs," Mojica said. "When I started the company 30 years ago, it was the first thing I came up with. Everybody knows this area for its sunshine."

On the side of their 2015 Peterbilt/Century 1040 rotator is their signature emblem of a large yellow sun with thick orange stripes emanating outward in all directions.

The company lettering, in black, spans across the entire side of the unit.

"It's a billboard on wheels," Mojica said. "It stands out on our freeways. We get a lot of nice compliments like it 'Looks great,' and 'That's a nice wrap.'"

The font for company name is stylistic of Native America heritage. Mojica said that he thought that if you went back over a hundred years, you might find he might be Native American himself.

"Last of the Mohicans," he joked.

He also said that the wrap reminds some people of Japan, land of the rising sun, where his graphics have been compared to that of Kawasaki.

"The future of the towing industry is in the rotator," Mojica said. "It saves time and it saves lives."

He also likes the Peterbilt because he says it's a 'workhorse' and because it is easy to get parts for.

Learning something new every day, Mojica looks forward to the day when he can eventually give towing a break, looking to his family of three boys and daughter, and about half of the crew, to carry on and spread the company name.

Brag @ TIW! Should your truck be featured here? Send a few pics and your contact information to the editor at You might even be selected to go in print, too, in American Towman magazine!
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