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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingJune 21 - June 27, 2017

Liam's Little Truck

0 52bffBy George Nitti

The death of Liam W. Orum at only 1-1/2 years old led to a tow truck dedicated to his memory. According to his grandfather Walter Orum, Liam was an easy-going child who endeared himself to anyone who was in his company.

"Liam was born with tumors and his premature death was due to a combination of factors, including seizures, liver and heart problems, as well as the tumors," said Orum. "Half his life was spent in a hospital. He passed away on May of 2014. He was my only grandson."

Around that time, Orum, who owns A+ Towing, took possession of a sharp-looking, all-red 2015 Ford F-550 with a Chevron 512 tow body. Orum picked it up in Oregon and drove it back to Sheridan, Wyo., where the company is based alongside his other company, Eastside Towing.

"We had an older truck which we were looking to replace," he said, "and purchased this new one four months before he passed. Who doesn't love a brand new tow truck? It carries its own weight. It does everything it's supposed to do."
Upon Liam's passing, a design for the truck was born and wrapped with the help of ABC Signs.

Front and foremost are the words related to Liam. On the side cab, it states "In memory of Liam W. Orum," giving his birth and death dates. The boom is emblazoned with the words "Mr. Man," a name Liam was referred to by his family. The front hood show's the truck's name: "Liam's Little Truck."

Adding to the poignant memoriam of Liam is the truck's fine design, weaving in elements of color and design. On the side doors is the A+ Towing company logo. Interestingly, this logo blends nicely with the memoriam as the "+" sign in the logo is shaped in the form of the holy cross, giving even greater reverence to the theme of this truck.

Further tying elements together is the design of a peeled away paint job, with jagged and sharp edges, showcasing black and silver chains, which stand out nicely against the red truck.

And the family has been blessed with the news that Orum's son Cameron and his wife are expecting another child in December!

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Vibrant Colors over Texas

0 8e63aBy George L. Nitti

To ensure that its 2015 Peterbilt T800/Century 5130 stood out, Texas towing company Eagle Towing and Recovery, turned to vinyl film to transform their heavy-duty tow truck into a unique piece of branding.

"For years, Eagle Towing in Georgetown, Texas, was stuck with a bland 2015 Kenworth heavy-duty big-rig tow truck," said Sean O'Brien, of Topic Design branding. "Its owners decided they needed something fresh. They turned to Rodney Blackerby of Diamond Graphix who used Avery Dennison [wrap materials] to make Eagle's prized big rig stand out.

O'Brien said the film clarity of the wrap enhanced optical effects on the unit.

As a result, the new graphics of this unit are eye-catching. Eagle owner Woody Sizemore worked with Blackerby on the mesmerizing design for a couple of months to get it right.

It was Sizemore's desire to blend the unit's original colors of red and green with new vibrant colors that now streak across the unit's sides, giving it a zesty makeover.

The company logo and name pops out over the diamond metallic plate that it sits on while resting atop a large design of the state of Texas.

"We were considering a slogan," Sizemore said, "but I wanted to keep it clean. I think that the truck speaks for itself. I got what I wanted."

Not only did Sizemore get what he wanted, but he gave his son Trey the new unit. He had come on board full-time with the company around the time of the purchase.

"Trey was managing a garage auto body shop and working with us part-time," Sizemore said. "Now he heads our heavy-duty tow trucks. We are a family owned and operated business with several other family members involved in the business."

Trey expressed some of the same sentiment as his father, saying, "I wanted a wrap you could see and I didn't want it to be too busy.

"I believe in branding. All of our trucks eventually are going to match."

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