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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingMay 23 - May 29, 2018

A Break from Tradition

0 6f5f4By George Nitti

From time to time, tow companies break from tradition, reinventing themselves with a new logo, color schematic and design features that encompass modern tastes.

Mark Voeltz, a seasoned tower and owner at Mark's Towing in Thornwood, N.Y., recently decided it was time to refurbish the graphics on their trucks and started by implementing a new design that can be found on their 2014 Dodge Ram 5500/Chevron 408 auto loader.

"I like going to tow shows where I have seen a lot of great trucks," said Voeltz. "With the recent purchase of our new truck, I wanted to do something different with customized air brushing. A change is in store for our entire fleet going forward."

The company covers a traffic-dense swath of territory in Westchester County, including I-684 from White Plains to Armonk, the Bronx River Parkway, police rotations for several towns in the county, and even the Westchester County Airport where there is an occasional aircraft recovery. They also do water recoveries and roadside cleanups.

Their makeover is somewhat of a stark contrast to what they've had, particularly with the purple tribal flames that cover their Dodge auto loader, which is nowhere to be found on their other trucks. The effect is a more bold and intense looking truck, which, according to Voeltz, "turns heads."

"People take pictures as I pass by and the kids love it," he said. "It definitely gets a lot of attention, especially at some of the community events we do, like for the Blithedale Children's Hospital, which is a cause we regularly support."

Custom-painted murals represent another departure from their previous design. On the hood you will find a figure with long green hair that is a mix between a girl and a monster just out of "The Day of the Dead." She is seen desperately crawling out of the hood, with her sharp fingernails tearing open metal.

"I worked out the design with graphic artist Cecil Burrowes of Cecil Custom Graphics," said Voeltz. "We went with green hair because it matched the green outline of the truck."

On the back are two panels each with the same mural of a female, this time having purple hair and face painted up with several eerie designs. Blue clouds appear in the background.

Finally, the company logo has been altered slightly, being placed on an arc and appearing more relaxed. The word "towing" sits behind a background that matches the primary company colors of green and purple.

Nicely coordinated, the green and purple colors bring all of the imagery together.

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On the Wild Side

0 a84a9By George L. Nitti

Like much of Mark Long's work of Razor Wraps and Graphics of Fredericksburg, Virginia, the use of colors and shapes is one of the predominant motifs found in the many tow trucks he has wrapped.

One of his provocative creations was for a 2016 Kenworth T800/single-axle Century 5130 owned by Siggi's Towing and Recovery of Hampton.

Characteristic of his style, the colors and shapes work together in a modern and explosive backdrop.

"I try to get an idea of what the customer is looking for," Long said. "Not everyone is into the wild side, whereas some customers can't get enough colors. I would say this design is pretty wild and colorful."

The colors include various shades of purple, green and black, blending in with the unit's green accents and white background.

According to Siggi's owner George Salyers, one of the main challenges of wrapping the unit was coming up with the colors to blend in with the custom-painted green found on the fenders and other parts of the unit.

"There was a lot of back and forth as I was picking out certain things that I liked during the design process," Salyers said.

The lines, swooshes and particularly the purple triangle stand out. The company name is large with "gold leaf" letters.

"The gold leaf is not really gold leaf," Long said. "I took a photo of 24-karat gold that you would find on a firetruck and superimposed it on the lettering, added shades and gave it depth, building on the existing lettering that was brought to me."

A layer of industrial metal gives it texture and dimension.

Clearly, Long's unique style captivates not just the public, but also those in the towing community who like what they see and want what he does so well.

Brag @ TIW! Should your truck be featured here? Send a few pics and your contact information to the editor at . You might even be selected to go in print, too, in American Towman magazine!
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