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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingMarch 14 - March 20, 2018

Towing on the ‘Treasure Coast’

1 reliableBy GEORGE L. NITTI

In 1715, a Spanish fleet carrying a treasure was shipwrecked off the coast of Florida, where it remained for approximately 250 years before it was finally discovered, giving the area the nickname the “Treasure Coast.”

Port St. Lucie is one of several towns on this coast, 45 minutes north of Palm Beach, where Reliable Towing makes its fortunes, due in large part to serving AAA customers over the last 10 years.

“We average 350 calls a week, including dealerships, the Post Office, police rotations, the local schools and larger companies like Waste Pro and Waste Management,” said Donnie Barton. “We’ve added a couple of heavy-duty trucks … and our fleet now totals 18 pieces of equipment.

“When we first put [the AAA logo] on, one of our concerns was that the color and graphics of our trucks blended in with the Triple-A sticker so that our customers and potential customers could see it,” said Barton.

Thus the colors of their new trucks are red, white and blue, as is the case of their newer rollback, a 2012 Peterbilt with a Century flatbed, which won an award for Best in Show at a tow show. Its hood is all white, making it easy to read the number to join AAA.

On the side doors you will find its name “Reliable Towing” in a blue and gold gradient looking sharp against a cutout and jagged red, white and blue American flag.

The flatbed itself is blue and on its narrow sides you will find pertinent company information. Just underneath is visible the triple AAA red and blue decal that pops out and blends perfectly with the colors of their truck.

When the treasure of many tow companies is found through serving AAA customers, it makes sense that credit is given and does not remain buried.

“We give good service and it comes back and repays us,” said Barton.

In this area, along the Treasure Coast, word of mouth is gold.

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Shamrocks Celebrate Kids

o 22ce0By George L. Nitti

In Holyoke, Massachusetts, the second largest St. Patrick's Day parade in the country (New York City's is the largest) will take place. More than 400,000 people are expected to attend.

Founded by Bernard "Red" Sheehan in 1958, Red's Towing Transport and Recovery in Springfield will continue its tradition of sponsoring the event, enabling Holyoke's high school band to perform while showcasing their Irish pride with their 2014 Western Star/Century 60-ton rotator.

They mark this special occasion by dolling up their rotator with shamrocks, a symbol of Ireland that represents the Holy Trinity, as well as standing for faith, love and hope.

According to General Manager Chad Willard, who is also the driver, the shamrock decals are placed all over the truck just before the event. Each shamrock contains very special names: the children of the employees that work at Red's.

"The kids go to the event and can see their names on the truck. It's a family event that everyone goes to," said Willard, whose children Ava, 9, and Garret, 11, are among the names displayed. "Every year the truck gets a great response, and the crowds love it."

Contrasting the green shamrocks is the unit's all-black body, with the company name in large, bold red lettering that tilts upward on the side door of the unit. The boom is painted red, balancing to the overall color scheme of the truck.

The company boasts more than 30 pieces of equipment, including six heavy-duty units.

"This rotator is used every day," Willard said. "The Western Star holds the ground well and its frame is very strong."

The shamrocks are left on for about a month after the event.

"At the end of a month or so," Willard stated, "we take the decals off as we don't want to leave the outline markings of the shamrock to do damage to the paint."

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