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Coal Truck Dumped in Ohio

0 9a139By Jim "Buck" Sorrenti

Rosenberry Towing is located in New Philadelphia, Ohio; established in 1969, they have more than 50 years of towing and recovery experience. Alex Rosenberry is the lead heavy operator for the company and does everything that needs to be done. His uncles Jeff and Dave Rosenberry own the company.

On June 7, 2018, Alex received a call to recover a rolled coal dump on State Route 9 in New Athens.

"I was called by the owner of the trucking company," he said, "to my direct cellphone after the other towing company they usually use had trucks tied up and couldn't respond quickly enough. The accident happened about 50 minutes from us in Harrison County, a county we typically do not cover much."

The coal truck was rounding a bend when it overturned just after 11 a.m. Harrisville, Harrison Community Hospital, Cadiz and the Ohio Highway State Patrol answered the call.

Alex responded along with heavy operator Craig Abuhl.

"We responded with our two heavy wreckers per request," Alex said, "my 2017 Peterbilt 389 with a Jerr-Dan 50-ton and our 2000 International 9400 with a Jerr-Dan 25-ton. Jim's Towing from Newcomerstown, Ohio, responded with a dump truck, oil spill cleanup trailer, and a bobcat per the request of the owner as well."

Jim Lawrence, owner of Jim's Towing, and two of his men were on scene to help clean up the coal for the owner.

"We immediately lifted the trailer from the frame to get a block under the trailer to open the tailgate so that we could run a line to the top corner of the trailer and slide it over away from the guardrail to empty the coal," Alex said.

Alex and Jim did most of the rigging. Once there was enough room to get Jim's bobcat into the trailer, they began unloading the coal into another dump trailer. Alex took the time to pull the driveshaft and cleanup some of the debris.

"When most the coal was emptied, Craig drove the 25-ton Jerr-Dan to the other side of the hill so he could be at the front of the casualty," said Alex. "We used that truck to pull the box of the trailer back onto the frame using a snatch block on the truck chassis near the fifth wheel and the cable going to a chain up at the top neck of the hydraulic cylinder."

Once it was pulled closed, the 25-ton repositioned to do a low pull on the front axle of the truck as Alex positioned the 50-ton Jerr-Dan to the rear of the trailer.

"I ran a line to the corner of the trailer that was on the ground and then had a catch line near the rear wheel of the trailer," Alex said. "We then began to upright and I slowly set the trailer down once the truck came back on its wheels.

"The casualty was towed as a full unit by Craig in the 25-ton to the owner's shop," Alex said. "I stuck around to help Jim's cleanup the rest of the coal and oil that was remaining."

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