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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingFebruary 20 - February 26, 2019

Teamwork Recovery In Iowa

0-Teamwork In Iowa-TIW-7 copy e2716By Jim 'Buck" Sorrenti

On Saturday, March 24, 2018, Dan Cantrell of Cantrell's Towing and Recovery in Carbon Cliff, Illinois, was contacted by a trucking company to recover one of its reefer units. The trucking company wanted the unit to be recovered without having to remove the 44,000 lbs. of breakfast products.

This accident occurred on the I-80 to I-280 eastbound ramp near Davenport, Iowa, during a heavy snowstorm. The Iowa State Police had a tow ban on all vehicles because it was a safety hazard with the road conditions.

Cantrell assessed the scene and figured the best way to recover the unit was with air cushions. He then contacted Al Scholle from Scholle's Towing and Body Shop to see if they would be willing to assist him with the recovery using their MatJack Jumbo Cushions.

Scholle's Towing and Body Shop, based in Peru, Illinois, is a family-run business that has been serving the Illinois valley area since 1972.

"We were called to assist with our air bags for this rollover," John Scholle said. "It was agreed we would do the recovery the following morning ... after the state lifted the tow ban.

On Sunday morning, Cantrell and his driver Scott responded with their 2001 Kenworth W900/55-ton Jerr-Dan and a 2006 Peterbilt 388/Vulcan V-70 heavy.

"My father, Al Scholle, my two brothers Chris Scholle and Jim Arboit, Skyler Frederick and myself traveled to the scene with our air bag unit, our 1996 Peterblit 378 with an 8808 Challenger 50-ton rotator, and our 1998 Peterbilt 379 with a Holmes 1801 45-ton," Scholle said.

The recovery team checked the load in the trailer to find it was mostly liquid egg yolk bags and a half dozen skids of frozen egg whites toward the nose of the trailer.

Cantrell backed his Vulcan V-70 down into the ditch where he lifted the rear of the trailer slightly, allowing Scholle's crew to place a MatJack jumbo cushion in place and two starter bags.

"From there we worked the bags forward placing six Jumbo cushions under the trailer," said John. "Once there was clearance for straps, Cantrell's 55-ton Jerr-Dan and our 8808 rotator were rigged to the trailer and his V-70 was previously rigged to the tractor. We then let the bags do their job until at full inflation and then finishing the upright with the trucks."

The casualty was then towed to Cantrell's with his V-70. It was there for a short period until the trailer and cargo were picked up and delivered.

"Thanks to Danny from Cantrell's for giving us the call to come help out. With our combined equipment and experience we got the job done. Great teamwork," said John.

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