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Sunday Fun Day

0 4a9c6By Jim "Buck" Sorrenti

On Jan. 14, 2018, Hawk's Towing & Recovery in Trenton, New Jersey, was called by the New Jersey State Police to recover a loaded tractor-trailer.

"It was a Sunday morning at eight when we got the call from New Jersey State Police," owner Brian "Hawk" Hawkins said. "They had a tractor-trailer, loaded with steel, rolled over on the on-ramp to 95 South.

"So I got the boys together," he said. "My son Little Hawk, my brother-in-law James Ford, and my operators Leroy Greene, Mike Robeson and Matt Lewis and me. We brought out the 2009 Pete 'Bad Behavior' and we also brought out our 2003 Pete with a 25-ton NRC slider and our recovery unit."

"Bad Behavior" is Hawk's award-winning custom 2009 Peterbilt 367/2009 50-ton Jerr-Dan HDL 1000 independent tandem custom heavy. It has a 100,000-lbs. three-stage boom with dual 50,000-lbs. planetary winches and a 25,000-lbs. drag winch.

When they arrived on scene, they found the tractor and trailer combo laying on its driver's side on the shoulder and center island near an exit. The load of steel was hanging, but still attached by chains.

It was decided to cut the chains and release the load before performing the upright, so they broke out their chop saw, climbed to the high side and started cutting. Once the cold load of steel was cut free and on the ground, they rigged the combo for the upright.

The 2009 Pete/50-ton Jerr-Dan was staged at the front of the tractor. The 2003 Pete/25-ton NRC was positioned at the rear of the trailer. Lines were attached to recovery straps and both heavies worked in tandem with commands from spotters until the tractor-trailer combo was eased back onto its wheels.

The rigging was disconnected and stowed and the casualty was set up for transport back to Hawk's yard with "Bad Behavior."

"It was a Sunday fun day in the cold weather for the crew and me," Hawk said.

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