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Idaho Roll

0 809feBy Jim "Buck" Sorrenti

Hendrickson's Towing in Idaho Falls, Idaho, first opened their doors on June 2, 1969, and have grown to be the largest heavy-duty towing and recovery company in Idaho. The family company now has locations in Idaho Falls, Island Park, Blackfoot and Dubois, covering Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah.

On Sept. 18, 2017, the Idaho Falls Police called Hendrickson's to respond to a rolled tractor-trailer.

This was a Hendrickson family affair; the recovery team consisted of company owner Ron Hendrickson, son James, James' son Jake and his nephew Cody.

"They dispatched us needing a semi truck flipped up to open up a body on the ramp," said James, recovery supervisor. "The tractor-trailer had a 53-foot sea container loaded with 36,000 pounds of cardboard packaging material."

They went out in "Master of Disaster," their 1999 Peterbilt 379 with a 60-ton B&B rotator; "The Outlaw," a 2016 Peterbilt with a Century 1135 35-ton rotator; and a Freightliner/Century 5130 25-ton heavy wrecker. They also sent their accident response van to the scene for any fluid spills and provided traffic control to re-route traffic around the accident scene.

Once they surveyed the scene, James decided to do a controlled roll.

"We positioned the B&B 60-ton rotator on the low side," James said, "using two 6' 3/4-inch container slings making a basket through the lower holes of the container, double-lining both lines to make a vertical lift. The Century 1135 35-ton rotator was positioned on the high side of the sea box using two 6' 3/4-inch container slings ... to make a basket through the top holes of the container to assist in the controlled roll of the casualty.

"The Century 5130 was positioned at the nose of the casualty to control the tractor and help pull the tractor over during the lift of the container," James said. "We used a single low line to a 3/8" Grade 100 chain securing the frame to the axle creating a high pull point by the front wheel."

Hendrickson's recovery team also placed two MatJack catch bags to soften the landing as the casualty was rolled back onto its wheels. Once the casualty was on its wheels, the product in the container had shifted to one side causing the container to lean.

"We decided to vertical lift the leaning container off the casualty trailer and place the container on our Landoll Model 353 Bus Hauler," said James.

Loading the trailer on the Bus Hauler kept the container secured at a lower height for the transport back to Hendrickson's facility.

"Once the casualty was taken to our facility, the product was inspected and 50 percent of the load was salvageable," James said. "This large portion of the load was saved and taken to the facility that was waiting for the product."

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