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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingAugust 15 - August 21, 2018

Moving the Immoveable Mixer, Part 2

0 9900bby Jim "Buck" Sorrenti

When we left off in Part 1, Brandon Harris and Capital Towing recovery team members James Manassa, Wes Seymour, along with extra helpers Phil Pilkington and Tyler Andrews were in the process of rigging a fully loaded Terex front-discharge concrete truck that had slipped off of the wet/slick wood road mats and then rolled into brush onto its driver's side in Ashville, Ohio.

The concrete truck was located off the beaten path nearly 4,000' from the road. The concrete company had attempted to unload the concrete mixer before its load hardened, without success. The mammoth, seemingly immoveable, mixer weighed approximately 80,000 lbs.

Harris and his recovery team got a workout hauling shackles, snatch blocks, chains, slings, recovery straps, and all the other lifting hardware they needed. Then they pulled lines from the Century 9055 and 7035 wreckers.

The team rigged two lines to the front and rear axle of the mixer for downward pull, and rigged two lines around the drum for lift and roll. The drum was secured with chains and a recovery strap was wrapped around it for the lift.

Due to the recovery angles the recovery team were utilizing the construction company's 110,00-lbs. excavator as a deadman. They used four two-part winch lines and eight snatch blocks for line redirection and weight reduction. The snatch blocks were rigged to various high and low attachment points on the excavator.

Lines from both heavies went out through the snatch blocks on the excavator and from the excavator to the concrete truck. Snatch blocks were also attached to chains rigged to the undercarriage of the concrete truck. Chains secured the front with a ratcheting-lever load binder. They rigged a catch line to a skid-steer for a smooth descent as the truck came over.

With Manssa at the controls of the 50-ton Century and Seymour at the controls of the 35-ton Century 7035 with dual 35,000-lbs. winches, the roll went as planned and was successful. The hardened concrete load on the top driver side of the drum stood out like an abstract sculpture.

Once it was back on its wheels, the Capital recovery team began breaking all the rigging down and rewinding the winch lines. The concrete company mechanics began inspecting the concrete truck. Little to no additional damage was done to the vehicle during the recovery process.

"The mechanics were able to get the truck started," Harris said, "which significantly reduced our recovery time by being able to drive the unit back to the road. The mixer was driven to the road by a concrete company employee and then given to us to take back to our storage facility."

Another successful recovery by the Capital Towing & Recovery team. Harris said, "I'd like to give a big thanks to everyone involved that helped!" Harris' brother Chad Harris fully documented the entire recovery process by ground and aerial photos and video.

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