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Three-time cancer survivor is doing what he loves
App, web-based service provides lien-holder contact information
Digital Recognition Network CEO lays out company's vision
Unit designed to bring greater awareness to Move Over law
Buddy's gets farmer's tractor with corn silage in open field
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Towman with One Leg Inspires

Mario Ugalde Hernandez asked Philip West, working as a tower and manager in Austin, Texas, if he could record him on his cellphone; he then posted it to Facebook: "I see a guy on a Congress corner with one leg & a crutch, asking for money, says he has no choice ... but then I see this guy!!" #NoExcuse."

"I'm just loading up scissor lifts; I'm loading up little flat-bed trucks to get them back to the yard. Is it manual? It's manual, it's hard, it's hot...yea, but I enjoy it," said Philip West, tow truck driver, manager. "I think you just have to challenge yourself in everything you do in life."

West says he is a three-time cancer survivor, losing his leg at just 10 years old. He could have any job but he says he's doing what he loves.

He says anybody can give you an excuse, it's just an easy way out of having to do something. He hopes this will inspire others to challenge themselves.

"I always believe that if you're going to do something, regardless of what it is, trash man or tow truck driver or whatever, just become the best at it. That's what I focus on."


AT Expo Registration is Open!

Registration for American Towman Exposition XXIX, taking place at the Baltimore Convention Center from Nov. 17-19, is now open for those looking to attend the event.

More than 270 exhibitors of wreckers, carriers, trailers, chassis, service trucks and other products and services will be on display and for sale at the industry's largest trade show.

The Expo will feature the American Towman Academy, Festival Night honoring the year's heroic feats, WreckMaster rotator training and major networking events.

Towmen will also catch the Spirit at the American Towman Exposition XXIX.

The Spirit Ride will proceed to the Inner Harbor down Pratt Street, passing the Convention Center, Friday, Nov. 17 at noon for all attendees to witness. Spirit Riders will have a lot to talk about at the Ceremonial Reception, Friday at 5 p.m. at the Baltimore Convention Center. They will also have a lot to share with fellow towmen who are interested in joining the Spirit Ride movement.

Register today at

Detroit Cancels 21 Tow Contracts

In Detroit, Michigan, the city canceled the permits of 21 companies that tow vehicles for the police department. The city's Law Department insists the Board of Police Commissioners acted outside its purview last year by awarding permits to the tow companies.

The contention comes amid at least one FBI investigation into the city's towing practices, in which Detroit police officers have been suspended for allegedly taking bribes from a towing company.

An Aug. 9 letter from deputy corporation counsel Charles Raimi to Police Chief James Craig claims, "the Board did not have legal authority to approve the selection of any tow companies, nor did the Board, or any representative of the Board, have any authority to issue Permits to such companies."

Police Commissioner Willie Bell said the city's opinion is "misguided" and vowed to fight it.

"We don't agree with the letter," Bell said. "We were surprised by it. That's the opinion of the corporation counsel, and we think it's wrong. We feel we were within our authority under the city charter. Our attorney is addressing this issue and will take it up when it's appropriate."


Jerr-Dan Delivers Customized Rotator

Jerr-Dan Corp. recently delivered a customized 50/60 Ton JFB Rotator designed and built for Miami-Dade (Florida) Fire Rescue. Jerr-Dan handed the rotator key to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue team in July and it became the newest addition to the Miami- Dade Fire Rescue fleet.

"This is the first time the company has created a custom-made fire rescue apparatus that will be used for emergency and rescue response of Miami-Dade County's Fire and Rescue efforts. ... We are proud of our partnership with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and we are confident this partnership will enable us to help more fire rescue department across the country." said Jeff Irr, senior director of sales for Jerr-Dan.

"The addition of this Jerr-Dan Rotator to our fire rescue fleet will allow us to provide a life-saving resource for the out of the ordinary technical rescues we encounter across our vast service area," said Dave Downey, Fire Chief of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue.


Miller Releases 2017 Q2 Results

Miller Industries recently announced its second quarter financial results for the period ending June 30. Net sales were $153.1 million, a 1.9-percent decrease compared to $156.1 million for Q2 2016; while gross profit for the second quarter of 2017 was $17.6 million, compared to $19 million for Q2 2016.

Jeffrey I. Badgley, co-CEO, said, "During the second quarter, we continued to build on a strong start to 2017 with a solid performance, compared to a historical high in the prior year quarter. We continued to see positive trends in both our domestic and international businesses.

"Top line results were consistent with our performance from previous quarters, driven by steady demand for our products and a favorable underlying environment," he said. "Our fundamentals also remain steady, as reflected by our healthy balance sheet and strong backlog."


Towman Saves Car from Fire

A car saved from floodwaters in New Orleans, Louisiana, was saved a second time—this time from fire—by a towman.

Keith and Allie Abel moved both of their vehicles from the street to the safety and better drainage afforded by a nearby parking lot during the afternoon of August 5. When Keith went to retrieve them the next day, his wife's Toyota Highlander wasn't there. A note left on his car read, "The reason why your car is not where you parked is 'cause there was a fire next to it," and to "call Ray."

In the wee hours of the morning, Ray Millet was driving his tow truck past as he went to check on a friend. He spotted an intense fire burning in a shed just on the other side of the chain-link fence at the back of Parkway's parking lot.

Abel said he was convinced it would have been badly damaged if Millet hadn't moved it.

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