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CIRT’s Bobby Tuttle will provide information on what is happening with the increase of insurance premiums in the towing industry in his seminar, “Insurance Strategies for Today's Volatile Market.” Tuttle will discuss types of claims that the underwriters are identifying as causes and strategies that towing companies could employ to help reduce their claims and rates. His seminar will take place during Tow Expo-Dallas, August 16-18, at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas.
Spirit Ride rolls through Idaho and Montana in wake of outstanding television coverage in Colorado and Utah.
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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingJuly 11 - July 17, 2018

Woman Spits at Officers During Repo

A woman in Washington, Missouri, is accused of attempting to spit on police officers while she refused to leave her car as it was being repossessed. Victoria Woodard, 32, was charged on multiple counts of assault and resisting arrest. Woodard got inside the car during the repo, started it and attempted to reverse from the tow dolly attached to the tow truck. She spit at officers and threw broken glass at them. Police tasered her and she exited the vehicle and was immediately arrested. Source:
From the American Towman News Bureau
Hero towman Blaine Carter. image.

Hero Towman Saves Trapped Semi Driver

Towman Blaine Carter is credited with saving the life of a trapped truck driver recently in North Augusta, South Carolina. Around 3 a.m., while driving across the river into South Carolina on I-20, Blaine saw a red semi crash through the median and then another semi slammed straight into that truck. Using his flashlight, Blaine said he was warning other drivers of the mess ahead when he heard a noise and ran to it. Blaine said he instantly climbed up into the cab, saw the driver's legs were pushed by the dash, and the steering wheel had him by the chest. "I just started ripping the dash off piece by piece and eventually ripped the seat out and got him out of there." Source:

EPA Postpones Glider Kit Rules

The Environmental Protection Agency said it will not enforce for 2018 and 2019 a 300-unit production cap on the manufacture of glider kits that do not comply with Phase 2 greenhouse gas emission rules. EPA said the action is being taken because it is working to finalize a proposed rule on glider kits. In July 2017, Fitzgerald Glider Kits petitioned EPA to revisit the Phase 2 glider kit provisions. Through 2019, a manufacturer may produce as many gliders as it did during its biggest production year between 2010 and 2014. Source:
Woman Spits at Officers During Repo
Arrest follows assaults, attempt to drive off tow dollies
Hero Towman Saves Trapped Semi Driver
Blaine Carter rips apart dash to get driver out of cab
EPA Postpones Glider Kit Rules
Fitzgerald petition gets EPA to reconsider Phase 2, gliders

Towbook in as Diamond Sponsor

Towbook, a leading provider of tow management software, is backing the Spirit Ride as a Diamond Sponsor, contributing $10,000. Kendall Smith, Towbook's marketing manager, said, "We had been tossing the idea back and forth for a while on whether to start our own move-over campaign, but we thought it would be best to join forces and contribute to the awesome awareness campaign that American Towman is already doing. We are so happy to become a part of this amazing movement!"
Towbook joins Linda Unruh, former owner of All-Rite Towing, and South Point Hotel & Casino in the Diamond club of sponsors. There are over 100 towing industry companies that have become sponsors with contributions ranging from $200(Bronze) to $2500(Platinum) sponsorship levels. Hundreds of individuals have also contributed to the Spirit Ride.
'Spirit Ride' rolls into Salt Lake City
• July 11 - July 17, 2018

It's H-O-T!

Hope everybody who is reading this column had a wonderful July 4th! I know my stomach has expanded a little bit with the cookouts I attended yesterday.

Anyway, we're now into that time of year where you're going to get called out to the road due to overheated cars, tires that have gone flat and more. It may not be what winter brings in some parts; but summer has its share of work for you, too.

Make sure your trucks are working up to snuff, and that all your ancillary equipment is ready to go, too.

As the weather is burning up and you're working outside in this heat—stay hydrated! It can't be stressed enough. It's H-O-T! If you don't help yourself, you're not going to be able to help others ... and that helps nobody.

Good luck out there; stay alert and Happy Summer!

--Charles Duke
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Transfer Flow

ExpoSpotlighTransferFlow d3922Transfer Flow's 37-gallon L-shaped in-bed auxiliary tank is designed to extend your driving range and provide a gallon amount you can feel comfortable filling as fuel prices fluctuate. The auxiliary system is computer-controlled by their patented TRAX 3™ operating system with exclusive AutoTrans® technology, and is equipped with a NAPA-3270 (WIX 33270) fuel filter. Come see all that Transfer Flow has to offer at Tow Expo-Dallas, August 16-18, at the Gaylord Resort & Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas.
By Don Lomax
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