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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingJanuary 17 - January 23, 2018

TowCap Launches

The National Interstate Insurance Co. has launched TowCap Premier, a group rental captive designed exclusively for towing and recovery. With its launch, the company said operators can better control their risk cost and be confident they are insured by a stable carrier. "We are thrilled to bring TowCap Premier to the ... industry," said Mike Winchell of National Interstate, and added the company looks forward to improving operations of founding members, while reducing their cost of insurance and raising safety standards throughout the industry. Source:
From the American Towman News Bureau
Marjorie (left) and Pamela Turner

Turner Wins Minority Enterprise Award

Pamela Turner of Lee's Towing in Zachary, Louisiana, recently received the Zachary Chamber of Commerce Minority Enterprise Award. Turner is an example of how the community benefits both economically and socially from businesses like Lee's Towing, said Zachary Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Taylor Watts. Watts added that the nominations included praise for Turner as a hero and valuable asset to the community. Turner, whose mother, Marjorie, owns the company, is WreckMaster-certified and has also graduated from the North American Towing Academy. "That makes me a little different from everybody else," Turner said. "I sit in trainings, I go to tow shows so I will know what to do when I'm out there." Source:

MBSi Welcomes John Fountaine

MBSi Corp. announced that John Fountaine has joined the company as director of business development. In making the announcement, the repossession assignment software company said Fountaine has developed a deep understanding of the challenges repo vendors, forwarders and finance companies face daily and the scope of solutions and services that will improve their bottom lines and overall industry performance. He will be focused on developing new service offerings made available in MBSi's Recovery Connect app exchange platform. Source:
Turner Wins Minority Enterprise Award
Pamela Tuner praised as a hero and asset to her Louisiana community
TowCap Launches
National Interstate launches group rental captive designed for towing
MBSi Welcomes John Fountaine
Named business development director of repo assignment software company

Montana DOJ [b]Seeks Towmen

The Montana Department of Justice is seeking applications for membership to the Tow Truck Complaint Resolution Committee. The committee reviews and resolves complaints involving tow truck issues, and membership is three years.

It's comprised of two members from the tow truck industry, and one member each from the motor carrier industry, the insurance industry, the general public and from the Montana Highway Patrol.

Those with questions are directed to call Montana Highway Patrol Captain Jim Kitchin at (406) 531-3610 or Assistant Attorney General Kelley Hubbard at (406) 444-2026.

Those interested should send application letters to Montana Highway Patrol, Attn: Tow Truck Complaint Resolution Committee, 2681 Palmer St., Ste. B, Missoula, MT 59808. Deadline is January 24.

NRC Industries Debuts New Rotator Design
at Expo
• January 17 - January 23, 2018

You Need Time ... for YOU

When was the last time you had a vacation?

I'm not talking about a couple of days off; I'm talking about a good one or two weeks of "don't-bother-me-I'm-outta-here" vacation where you just took care of you?

Of course with most of the country experiencing winter weather, right now is not the time I'm suggesting. You've got to pay for the vacation, after all.

But it is imperative that in all of the madness that is life, you take some quality time for you. Down time, some call it. This is time that you put the worries and concerns of life on the back burner ... and treat yourself.

Why not? You deserve it. You're constantly putting out fires at the job; constantly going, maybe even running a 24/7 operation and not getting the rest you need.

Think about it. There's only one you. That needs just as much care as that tow truck you're running and the equipment on it. Don't let the primary engine of that truck—you—break down.

Plan that getaway to "get outta Dodge."

--Charles Duke
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Tomar Electronics

Tomar 8ae24Tomar specializes in customizing Envelope of Safety-based packages for tow vehicle manufacturers, dealers, and upfitters. Their Envelope of Safety (EOS) is a standard based way for towing to make the difference the market deserves and that is consistent with the budget realities the market demands. Those demands come from government, insurance companies and customers who contract for the towing services. Come see what Tomar has to offer at the American Towman Show Place taking place at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nev. May 9-11.
By Don Lomax
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The biggest problem facing my business today is:
insurance costs
driver retention
cash flow
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