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Company borne from owner’s motorcycle that wouldn’t run
Associatio nwants to pay drivers $100 more per tow
New line of decals and T-shirts now available
Absorbents help clean up the mess on Route 24
New space increases capacity more than 50-percent
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Many tow bosses incorrectly assume they are exempt from hours of service and many other trucking industry regulations. In his seminar, “Electronic Logging Device Compliance,” Brian Riker of Worldwide Equipment Sales discuss how to be prepared to utilize log books and electronic logging devices. This seminar will be a part of the Management Conference taking place during the American Towman Exposition, Nov. 17-19 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland. Be sure to register today!
Nick's Towing leads Spirit Ride from Rutherford, NJ's Memorial Field, Tuesday morning. Blue Streak Transport leads Ride on Wednesday in Piscataway.
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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingOctober 18 - October 24, 2017

Two Nabbed Hiding in Towed Van

Two people were arrested in Verona, New Jersey, after an officer discovered them hiding in a van that was being towed and impounded, Oct. 11. While the van was being towed, the tower felt the van rock from side to side while stopped at a red light. The towman immediately contacted police dispatch, asking them to inform Officer Robert Juliano, who was following the tow truck. Juliano found two people hiding in the van. Both occupants were placed under arrest, processed and issued several summonses. Source:
From the American Towman News Bureau
Bud Gruber.

TowZing Creates Towing Alliance

TowZing, a new tow industry partner, said it is about "towing by towers" and taking the industry back for all the right reasons. Its founders include towing company owners and business executives whose "every decision is making sure that we are doing the right thing for the tower." "TowZing is building an alliance of towing professionals that they can sell to clients at a respectable rate," said Bud Gruber, one of the company's founders. "We're trying to connect the consumer as quick as possible to the quickest, closest qualified tow truck." Its objective is to put more money in the hands of the towing companies and deliver the best customer service experience, a company statement said. Currently in the testing stage, TowZing is anticipating an early 2018 starting date. Source:

Yates Boys Towing Funds Renovation

Yates Boys Towing in Seymour, Missouri, recently donated to the "Save The Owen" project to renovate the historic Owen Theatre in downtown Seymour. Ceejay Yates of Yates Boys Towing recently presented a check to Charlie Haywood, treasurer of the Seymour Area Arts Council, which owns the building and is leading the restoration. Over the past eight months, more than $55,000 has been raised for the project.
TowZing Creates Towing Alliance
Objective is to put more money in tow companies’ hands
Two Nabbed Hiding in Towed Van
Towman felt vehicle rocked from side-to-side en route to impound lot
Yates Boys Towing Funds Renovation
Tow company writes check to save downtown historic theater

AT Expo: Where Captains Convene

The Spirit Ride will be the focus of this year's Captains of Industry conference, set for Nov. 16 at the Waterview Ballroom at the Marriott Waterfront Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland.

Discussed will be the important role the Spirit Ride has played in promoting awareness of the Move Over laws, and what can be done to enhance and expand the coverage. 

The jacket-and-tie event, sponsored by American Towman Magazine, will include a surf 'n turf dinner and the legendary Captains Long Table.

The industry is invited to break bread with other leaders of the industry on the eve of the 29th annual American Towman Exposition. Deadline for reservations is Nov. 10. Those interested in attending may register at

Source: AT Staff.
News Media Featuring Towing Safety Nationwide
TV Coverage of Towman Spirit Ride • October 18 - October 24, 2017

Amazing Grace

I'm man enough to admit it: I sometimes "lose it" whenever I hear the hymn, "Amazing Grace." I've heard it too many times at the funerals of loved ones that have departed this Earth.

Yesterday, while I was at the Spirit Ride ceremony at Nick's Towing Service in Rutherford, New Jersey, a bagpipe played the hymn as the Spirit casket was being loaded onto the flatbed. It gave me pause, as I reflected on the many towmen and industry personalities that have passed away since I've been back.

It made me reflect on how Nick Testa and the employees of Nick's must have felt in recalling the death of their colleague Mark Angelo, who lost his life roadside seven years ago this month.

It all brings home what's truly important in this world. After you read these words, make a vow to yourself to hug a loved one before the day is over.

--Charles Duke
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Towbook Management Software

Towbook2 75989Featuring secure, web-based towing software built for towing companies, Towbook can be used for dispatching, impounds, private property, invoicing, payroll & more. Its towing software integrates directly with Agero, Allstate, GEICO, Road America, Quest, NSD, and Allied Dispatch.
The company says it allows companies to securely access their entire towing management software system from any device: iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac or PC. See what Towbook has to offer at the American Towman Exposition at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore Maryland, Nov. 17-19.
By Don Lomax
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The biggest problem facing my business today is:
insurance costs
driver retention
cash flow
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WreckMaster President Justin Cruse said that the WreckMaster Convention will bring together towers from all over North America to provide a unique and beneficial opportunity to broaden knowledge.
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