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Ceremony honored first responders in Washington, D.C.
Kids say, “Mommy and daddy look at that truck!”
Fire wipes out one of Arizona’s Gila Valley oldest buildings
Hot Shot says its product cleans, lubricates entire oil system
Rotators retrieve heavily-damaged dirt truck
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Spirit Ride completes 140 relays in 2017 campaign...looks for more funds to back 2018 route.
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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingDecember 06 - December 12, 2017

All Island Might Pull Out

The contract between Honolulu, Hawaii, and its tow-truck vendor which might not want to keep the job, is expiring. All-Island Automotive Towing began a three-year deal in 2014 as the exclusive tow company. Since then, All-Island has been struggling with storing hundreds of abandoned vehicles island-wide. Its contract runs out at the end of the month, and the company is considering whether it really wants to continue. Another tow company told a local TV station that if All-Island doesn't accept, problems could start spilling onto the streets. Source:
From the American Towman News Bureau

Truckers Protest ELD Mandate

A new rule aimed at protecting drivers on the highway could do exactly the opposite. Truck drivers have gathered across the nation to protest the new "ELD Mandate" taking effect December 18. The mandate requires truckers to install an electronic logging device in their trucks to monitor driving time. However, truckers say that the mandate actually gives them less time to sleep, and requires drivers to "beat the clock" to meet time restrictions. Cindy Marshall, a truck driver, explained, "We are over 100 thousand drivers strong on this and we are willing to stand up, take time out of our day and say no we're not going to do this. Enough is enough. We believe this strongly that we will stop our trucks if that's what we have to do." Source:

Man Charged in Towman’s Death

The man who fatally struck a towman assisting a motorist in West Earl Township, Pennsylvania, is charged with driving while drunk, prosecutors announced Thursday. Anthony Caldwell, 30, of Stafford, Virginia, has been charged with two counts of vehicular homicide while DUI and several other charges in the Sept. 10 deaths of towman Ralph Watrous II and motorist Robert Buckwalter Jr., according to the Lancaster County district attorney's office. Caldwell surrendered and was arraigned Wednesday. Source:
Truckers Protest ELD Mandate
Mandate is scheduled to take effect December 18
All Island Might Pull Out
Tow company has been struggling with abandoned vehicles
Man Charged in Towman’s Death
Pa. towman Ralph Watrous II and motorist were killed by DWI driver

2017 AT Expo Sets Attendance Record

The 29th annual American Towman Exposition in Baltimore, Maryland, once again set an attendance record, as nearly 15,000 towing professionals packed the Baltimore Convention Center during the weekend of Nov. 17-19.

"Our total attendance was just over 14,600, representing a 5.6-percent increase over the year before," said Henri "Doc" Calitri, president of AT Expo Corp. "We had a record Friday attendance and a record attendance on Saturday as well."

The trade show floor was a testament to that as it remained packed for the majority of the weekend, with brisk sales activity reported.

The Spirit Ride also made its Exposition debut with a downtown procession that passed in front of the convention center on Friday afternoon accompanied by a unit of eight motorcycles from the Baltimore Police Department. That was followed by a rousing Spirit Ride ceremony in the Finger Pier of the Convention Center.

The dates for next year's American Towman Exposition in Baltimore will be Nov. 16-18. Stay tuned to for updates.

Source: AT Staff
Spirit Ride Update: Ride's Co-Founders
on the Success of Campaign So Far
• December 06 - December 12, 2017

The RV Money Pit

Abandoned recreational vehicles continue to be an "achilles heel" for the towing industry. Many locales are having difficulty in getting tow companies to remove them, due to the challenging and often unsanitary conditions that are present in them; not to mention that they are often represent a financial loss for the tow company.

Take the case of towman Vann Beckner of AA Towing in Albany, Oregon. On November 16, he had 10 motor homes on his lot that were either abandoned, broken down, derelict or in violation of a parking order. He said he has to foot the bill to tow, store and dispose of each one, to the tune of $800 to $1,000 each.

"They're a total money pit," said Beckner, who contracts with the city to remove the vehicles whenever his services are needed—which, he says, have been needed more and more recently.

Because his contracts require him to tow any licensed vehicle and he is one of a few companies with the gear to tow the larger ones, his contractual towing fees don't come close to covering the cost of processing each one.

Towing RVs and motor homes will continue to be a problem—until towmen set specific rates for them; rates separate from towing abandoned cars. Towmen have to realize that they have some leverage in this situation—municipalities and government agencies need the work done. It would be one way to solve the money pit they create.

--Charles Duke
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Access.Tools.ULRK 1 75dbd 84cccAccess Tools said their Long Reach Set with the Ultimate Long Reach Kit includes every tool and accessory needed to open virtually any vehicle on the road today using the long-reach method. The 21-piece kit features four of the most popular long-reach tools, Button Master and Mega Master snare tools, two Air Wedges, two pry bar-style wedge tools, protective lockout tape, slim jim and more. Come see all that Access Tools has to offer during the American Towman Show Place taking place at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nev. May 9-11.
By Don Lomax
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